Revell 1:25 Ford Bronco

I have few kits going and a couple of others finished but one of my teen sons talked me into building this one. This is a late 60’s to early 70’s Bronco Revell did and they did a nice job with it. I am still in progress, but very pleased with the kit.

The kit is Skill Level: 5 with 137 parts, I like the higher level kits, nothing really harder than a skill level 2 just more options. Going through a few other kits there is something to say about the quality of molding her the body parts are excellent and the rest of the parts follow along in quality.

I went with Tamiya TS-16 Yellow and Model Master Classic White for the body color, both spray-can lacquers. I stripped the bumpers and grill in Windex and painted with same white.  Model master Metalizers were used on engine, suspension and exhaust parts to simulate as much real metal as possible. I had some Moroso decals for the valve covers and Magnaflow ones for the exhaust system to dress it up a bit. The Molotow Chrome pen is what I am using for chrome parts.

There was minimal flash to file off and I appreciated the separate chassis. The engine was fun to build, I went with the ’73 302 version.

I used the stock seat and door panel decals, they were a bit of a challenge to look decent, some Tamiya “Mark Fit Strong” decal set helped lay them down into the texture better. I added some grey flocking for carpet.

I am Ham Radio Operator so I cobbled together a mobile radio with Mic and Whip antenna for it. Mounted under the dash with a bent strip of metal. Still, some detail todo to the whip antenna. There is also an added Am radio antenna on the front left fender.

Still in Progress as I haven’t added the windshield frame or any of the glass. Few wires are still on deck for the battery and brake lines, sidelights and lots more detail I want to do as well as a clear coat is needed for the body. I will post when finished.

 -Hobby Dude


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