Revell 1:25 57 Chevy Black Widow 2 in 1

Walked into the local hobby craft chain store and found several of these kits on the closeout shelf for $7.79. The boxes were dented in but didn’t appear that damage was sustained inside. I figured even if the body was damaged it still had an engine and plenty of other parts so I gambled and grabbed two of them.

Decent amount of decals

The Black Widow was a 150 Utility Sedan that was developed by Southern Engineering and the kit has options for the carb or fuel injected engine and some nice decals for either version.

I inspected both kits at home and all was well, nothing was broken but this mold has been around for a while as there is a fair amount of flash for a Revell level 5 kit but that is part of modeling. I am not sure if one of them will get built up like the box art as I am not too much into stock cars but this one is a part of racing history so I might.  The second kit is going custom and  I have always wanted to chop a kit and had not to date so I got out my razor saw.

I had a set of larger wheels from an Impala kit I set aside and I think they are going to be a nice look for this build. I mocked it up with the wheels after I chopped it and I am excited to get building on this.

The chop went well, I dropped it 5mm and was able to get a nice fit when I glued it back, only a tiny bit of putty might be needed.  I checked the windshield and rear window and I have some to trim on the bottom of each but it looks like it will be nice fit without any gaps. Have not decided on a color yet but candy apple red keeps coming to mind.

Most likely it will get a bit closer to the ground and with a degree or two or rake.

I will post updates…

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