This kit comes with one single bench seat and since I was not doing a race car I wanted to do something different with interior without the roll bar and bench seat. I dug through some parts and found some 67 GTO bucket seats I chose instead. I also went thru metal scraps for some interior detail ideas.

The seats have headrests I have yet to paint. I made some Sub-woofer boxes out of basswood for the back. I wanted to move to a floor shifter with the buckets and found this strip of metal to add to the top of a console I would need to make. I came up with some tiny chrome air cleaners and other metal bits for some speaker grills. I used Plastruct strips to make and shape a console.

I used Testors Fabric Tan and Tamiya Racing White(aged/off-white) on the seats then used some red sewing thread and acrylic clear to hold it in place to add piping detail to the seats.

Still more detail to be dome on the seats and a final flat clear on the tan and gloss on the white. I used the same Fabric tan on the speaker boxes and interior floor followed with Sand Brown flocking.

A top of a Pringles gave me some clear plastic to simulate the clear acrylic used on sub boxes. I found a couple spares Raspberry Pi heatsinks I sanded the black off the fins and used the red sharpie on to make a couple of power amps for the subs. Little metal detail to add to detail I will mount these above boxes and add wiring later. I still have the door panels and dash to get busy with.

These are the colors I used so far (all lacquers):

  • Tamiya fine surface primer
  • Model Master Fabric Tan
  • Model Master AMC Sterling Silver
  • Model Master Gloss clear
  • Tamiya  TS-7 Racing White
  • Tamiya TS-65 Pearl Clear
  • Tamiya TS-74 Clear Red

Now on to the body… I pulled the body out of the other kit just to show a comparison of how much I chopped this.

After primer, I started with few light coats of the AMC Sterling Silver Metallic 3D. Once I was satisfied with a base coat I locked it down with Model Master Clear Gloss, then onto few light coats of Tamiya Pearl Clear to start off with some depth to the paint right off.

I started adding light coats of the Red Clear alternating it with light coats of Pearl Clear getting deeper looking paint as I went along buffing between each coat.

For some reason the digital images make it look somewhat orange peeled but I think it is the pearl creating an illusion as it doesn’t look that way in person I hoping finished shot maybe in real sunlight might be different than the collection of LED spectrum I have on it here on the bench. More coats and more buffing to go then onto the engine… So far I am having fun with this kit.

  • Hobby Dude

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