Hired Some Employees

When I was a kid I hated painting the pilots that came with Airplane Kits. I should re-state that with some honesty; I didn’t hate it, I didn’t know how to yet and I hated my finished (usually not finished) figure. Through the years I learned technique, I learned what colors to have on hand to do figures properly and I got better. When I was building lots of RC aircraft I really had the chance to practice my skills on pilot busts.

My garage Diorama needs figures so I browsed the G Scale offerings, others I could find from Fujimi, a couple from Tamiya and the random figure from various kits. I found this Testors/Fujimi kit dated 1988 and picked it up as a start.

Detail is good and I have some options for positions although none of the positions stands straight up to work under a car lift. Need to go stock up on my skin tone colors now. I have my eye on a few other kits with 1/24 1/25 scale figures I can use. I plan to re-visit a thrift store that I saw the Tamiya “Campus Friends”  had a few figures and couple Vespa Scooters if it is still there it is coming home with me.

I started on another piece for my garage, an engine hoist. Looking at a tool catalog and using my scale calculator I think I have a good start.

That’s it for now.

-Hobby Dude]]


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