Flexing Some Muscle

I know it is sort of a trite title but I am in final stages of finishing some 60’s muscle. I have been waiting for a decent sunny day to get some better photos but living in the Pacific Northwest it is all monochrome here for another few weeks. These are some I received after the Holiday I posted previously.

Few kits here about ready:

Revell 69 NOVA SS – I came up with some custom wheel for it and used Rustoleum 2X Plum with Tamiya Lacquer Pearl Clear over it – So take notice if you are wonder about paint compatibilities.

Revell Foose 68 FireBird – used the Stock parts but ditched the decals painted it Model Master Italian Red Lacquer

Revell Of Germany 65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback – Model Master Daytona Yellow Lacquer – Stock kit, still have the interior to do.

– Hobby Dude


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