Revell 1/24 68 Volkswagen Beetle

I knew at some point I wanted to add a Bug to my shelf but was not really excited when I bought this kit, that is until I opened it. The mold I do believe is the same as the  Revell of Germany Police Bug kit. This kit is part of “California” Series which makes no sense since there wasn’t flower decals or a surfboard in the kit.

If you want to compare the two different offering here are the manuals:

Revell USA VW

Revell Germany Police Bug

For my build, I used Tamiya Field Gray Lacquer which is this green color followed up with Tamiya semi-gloss clear. The interior is Model Master Fabric Tan Lacquer.

It is very nicely detailed build with build options. Very minimal sanding and most parts fitment was a snap fit which is typically only found on molds not made in China. This one was marked and inspected with sticking designating it came from Poland and hats off to the Poles for some nice plastic.

I can say if you are looking for a VW to build these can be found from $18 to $22 and it is well worth the price.

  • Hobby Dude

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