Don’t Fence Me In

Unless I am in a diorama if so then I got a trick for ya.

Almost any Fabric store has this lace stuff that is made of something like a PVC or plastic material and with a little help of paint, some of it looks like wire or chain link fence. It is called “TULLE LACE” pronounced ‘tool’.
 I picked up a large amount of shiny black for under a dollar and from what I understand there are many sizes so I’m thinking many scales could be found. What I picked up measure almost perfect to be scale chain link fence for 1/25 – 1/25 scale. I measured my real fence outside at my home, then did the math and like I say it’s almost spot on.

I used some fast drying Krylon Flat aluminum I had around to spray it which takes a bit being as it is lace and you want to rotate, twist and repeat to get color coverage in all the tiny angles. The result is some fairly convincing chain link fence, I plan to use it with some aluminum tubing for the poles.

-Hobby Dude


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