I think I will just wing it.

The problem with me is that even if I know a pun is bad I will still use it.

I have played with all of the activities found in a hobby shop except maybe collecting beanie babies and scrapbooking and I don’t think that really needs an explanation as to why. I do love the plastic world but if you have ever done any radio control hobbies there is another dimension enjoyed with that type of modeling. I have built and raced on road cars, off-road cars, rock crawlers, and few of the more scale RC stuff like Tamiya offers. I grew up with my father introducing Control Line Planes and spent a lot of my paper route money on little Cox .049 control line planes. Mustangs, Spitfires, and Warhawks, I had a coffee can full of spent .049 engines and cut and bruised fingers from the spring starters. I later played a bit with a nitro RC plane but I was going through the common struggle of finding a place big enough to fly without paying to join a club and getting to participate in the nonsense of clubs. Years later about the time Electric Park flyers came out I started managing a hobby shop.

The aspect of going to a ball field with smaller quieter planes was a huge benefit to being able to fly more and become a better flyer. I flew a lot and became the local guru on electrics the local hobby shop.

As a result, I later changed jobs to a hobby wholesale job and had a hand in designing and testing many products for electric planes and helis. Had my share of trade shows and events even made it to the gigantic airfield in Muncie Indiana joining the Compass Factory Heli Team at the amateur aircraft headquarters for the Huge Heli Fun/Fly Competition. I designed ducted fan jets, few trainers, and rarely met a kit or ARF(almost ready to fly) that I did not modify.

Recently the bug to build a plastic airplane kit started growing and like so many times in the past I think why not build something to fly. So I am digging into the depths of my math mind for what I use to know and I am going to build a park flyer out of some really basic materials and log the build here. I looked at current kits and I don’t want to get into a long detailed build or some overpriced kit or ARF. I had the most fun flying with the basic airframe.

I have a basic outrunner I can use a 2cell pack(7.4v nominal) that should give me around 9-10 ounces of thrust and as a general rule 1:1 thrust to weight ratio is good for 3-d flying and aerobatics so if I can keep the AUW(all up weight) around 12 ounces it should fly great being is my intent is to build a sport flyer. The AUW is equal to the airframe, servos, radio gear, prop etc. I am going to use a piece of foam board from the dollar store for a wing and both stabilizers and The skeleton is a  6mmx610mm stick. I know all my posts so far are plastic scale cars but I am Hobby Dude so I have to change it up a bit. If anyone ever wanted to cross over into RC from scale plastic ask questions as much as you want and follow along as I build something fly-able out of cheap supplies. I will explain electric motors, Lipo batteries, charging, Speed control, servos and plane setup.


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