I Think I’ll Just Wing It. Pt.7

When I decided to build this plane and blog the progress I made somewhat of a table of contents of what I wanted to cover. My main goal is to maybe make this all a bit less intimidating for a newcomer. See Parts One, Two Three, Four, Five and Six to see all the steps to this project.

Tiny 17″ Wingspan and flying weight of 3 ounces, balsa wood cover in very thin shrink. I built this few years ago, crazy fast brushless motor and a symmetrical airfoil
Nieuport 17 – 32″ wingspan balsa covered in shrink film, this was a lot of fun to build and fly.
If you like scale model airplanes imagine flying what you built in plastic. I added a pilot that I painted and flying wire to this one, the wire if done right is not the only scale but is functional to hold the right “wash” to the wing.

Through this process to start, one thing became evident that when I embark on each part, the list of things to explain gets very long. Much like when you are relating how to make some dish in the kitchen, explaining the framework of the how when you realize the person you are talking to might not have ever measured out ingredients or preheated an oven let alone knows what blanched means or what happens when you clarify butter.

So when writing I want to be thorough but not overly so. My last addition on servos I felt I had to get into a bit since I have not found a lot of good explanation on the subject. It was always specific to a type of vehicle and I have seen them all and found a few things I wanted to share.

This was a nitro powered plane I converted to electric.  56″ wingspan.

The motor and batteries we use in model aircraft have had some real changes in the last 20 years and there has been so much written on these subjects already I will be pointing readers to some established places of knowledge along with trying to shed some light on all the lingo when it comes to that stage of the build.

Flys better than a nitro powered plane

Next step is to make this project look more like a plane and get the main wing on and that will be the next post. Until then I would like to provide some links to information that doesn’t need to re-written.

The Glossary is self-explanatory. The link to motors is a decent primer. Battery University is a place everyone from all walks of life should read at least Part one. When I have heard stories about people that freeze their batteries to rejuvenate them or they buried them in their yard, pointed them west when mercury was in retrograde with mars etc. I send them to B.U. and debunk the nonsense. There are links to specific batteries and the LiPo type being the one I will use.

Back Soon,

-Hobby Dude


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