Revell 1/25 ’66 Chevy® Fleetside Pickup

I am sure Jeremy Clarkston would give me a hard time for saying this but I love pickups. I am not talking the giant 4wd tiny penis compensators but the great old classic American Pickup. 40’s throughout most of the 70’s there were some great simple workhorses made.

I owned a few and great memories about a 62 Ford Pickup I brought back from the dead, I drove many a Chevy and Ford at various places of employment so any scale trucks I see always spark my interest. 

So when I saw this offering from Revell in 1:25 scale I grabbed it.

The truck is also known as the C10 models and it basically remained the same with a few changes until the early 70’s. The kit comes with a few options and a choice of some decals. 

 I chose to paint it Model Master Turquoise Lacquer.

I  built the V8 283  with a few details to dress it up  



All in all, it is a fine kit, with one exception on the molding of the windshield, it is somewhat bubbled at the top and was hard to meet up with a good fit into the top of the cab. 




– Hobby Dude

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