AZmodel1:72 AH-1G Cobra

The AH-1G is usually associated with Vietnam War. In fact in my mind when I saw a Huey Cobra I thought of Vietnam first but as I researched I found quite a few other countries had used them and even the Dept. Natural Resource here in the U.S. mainly for forest fire management.2018-07-25-18.25.14

I found this one at my favorite Thrift/Toy stores “Time Bomb”. The box reflected a late Vietnam Version. Upon opening, I found parts sealed in a bag and the decals sealed for two different Spanish Nay versions and an Israeli version. Not sure if this was a factory mistake or swapped somewhere by another modeler.  But for my build, I found these images for reference of the Version I was going for.

I didn’t mind this at all as I like other country’s versions of aircraft that are common. So I chose one of the Spanish Navy versions and I happened to have a color that would suffice for the blue.


This is the first AZmodel kit I have built and I have to say this was very quality with clear instructions, and nicely molded parts and a small amount of PE metal parts. My only complaint is that the panel lines could be deeper and a set of pilots would have been nice. I would definitely build another from AZmodel.

The cockpit is decently detailed and the PE seatbelts were a nice bit. Again, if it had pilots, the belts were long enough they could have been worked over the pilots.


I am going to add a little more salt water type weathering later when I get more supplies.







All in All a fun kit!

Until next time

– Hobby Dude

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