The Garage Gets Lights!

I originally wanted to set up a model car garage so display different cars, and add little things to it over time like an on-going project much like a model railroad.

I had it on my shelf with a few tools and a lift I made from scratch I had posted before. I had started a scratch built engine hoist I recently finished up as well.  I had always planned to put lights in it and debated a few different ways to do it.

2018-08-18 19.06.14

I finally just pushed the plug. I gave the employees the weekend off and cleaned out the whole shop. I went with a mixture of some led strips near the rafters and some dropped leds to simulate some shop lights. I have some covers I still need to cut to length for them, but so far I am pleased.

2018-08-18 19.06.24

Really changed things, so I better get on building the rest of my tools and getting it all moved back into the shop.

-Hobby Dude

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