Ford Tc Armored Car Russo-Polish War 1920 1:35

There is that saying "One thing leads to another" well, when it comes to scale modeling that could not be truer. It goes without saying for a lot of us modelers, we end up learning a few things about each model we build. I am not just referring to the process of modeling but the … Continue reading Ford Tc Armored Car Russo-Polish War 1920 1:35


Good thing I don’t build sailboats

I would be dead in the water as many times as wind has been taken out my sails. sounds like I am whining? Well, I am and I will try and get it out of the way fast. I have a draft of a blog I wrote up about this diorama I built. It involved … Continue reading Good thing I don’t build sailboats

1:35 Wood Stove

I have an upcoming diorama I am collecting items for and one thing I came up with was a wood stove for a checkpoint shack. The items I used for this are : Tamiya 1:35 Fuel Barrel, old credit or gift card, aluminum tubing and bits of sprue. Pretty straightforward, Cut some tubing, drill a … Continue reading 1:35 Wood Stove

Tamiya B.M.W. R75 WIP

I have always liked the odd vehicles used by the different militaries. The water, transport and supply trucks. The various earth movers used by engineers are all very cool. But I always thought a motorcycle, especially without a sidecar could be a very devious, fast and efficient tool in battle. If that isn't an attraction just watch Steve McQueen … Continue reading Tamiya B.M.W. R75 WIP