The Garage Gets Lights!

I originally wanted to set up a model car garage so display different cars, and add little things to it over time like an on-going project much like a model railroad. I had it on my shelf with a few tools and a lift I made from scratch I had posted before. I had started … Continue reading The Garage Gets Lights!


AMT 1:25 1951 Chevy Convertible "Sun Cruiser" Unbox – Build -Review Pt.1

I have never really been a fan of unboxing videos or reviews, most just could be condensed to a few seconds to show what sort of quality the mold is and what the decals look like. I also am not a big fan of the quality of Round2 models overall. Do I sound cranky? well, … Continue reading AMT 1:25 1951 Chevy Convertible "Sun Cruiser" Unbox – Build -Review Pt.1

Revell 1/25 Ford 56 FD-100 Pickup Plastic Model Kit

I posted awhile back about how to build a real wood bed and this is the truck it went in. This is the Chip Foose truck and I had built this kit before in blue and again this time not following the black Foose color scheme.  This is an excellent kit with a very nice detail Roush NASCAR engine in … Continue reading Revell 1/25 Ford 56 FD-100 Pickup Plastic Model Kit

Revell 1/25 ’66 Chevy® Fleetside Pickup

I am sure Jeremy Clarkston would give me a hard time for saying this but I love pickups. I am not talking the giant 4wd tiny penis compensators but the great old classic American Pickup. 40's throughout most of the 70's there were some great simple workhorses made. I owned a few and great memories about … Continue reading Revell 1/25 ’66 Chevy® Fleetside Pickup

Revell 1/24 68 Volkswagen Beetle

I knew at some point I wanted to add a Bug to my shelf but was not really excited when I bought this kit, that is until I opened it. The mold I do believe is the same as the  Revell of Germany Police Bug kit. This kit is part of "California" Series which makes … Continue reading Revell 1/24 68 Volkswagen Beetle

Flexing Some Muscle

I know it is sort of a trite title but I am in final stages of finishing some 60's muscle. I have been waiting for a decent sunny day to get some better photos but living in the Pacific Northwest it is all monochrome here for another few weeks. These are some I received after the Holiday … Continue reading Flexing Some Muscle

Make A Real Wood Bed With Aluminum Rails For A Model Truck

There are some nice scale pickups out there but one place they all fall short is the pickup bed. I admit I have seen some amazing models done where the modeler did a 1st class job on painting the bed but I have not seen the decal in the bed convincing as the rest of … Continue reading Make A Real Wood Bed With Aluminum Rails For A Model Truck

So Much Time Passes…

I realize how long it has been since I last posted but when I find the time that is void of back pain or numb hands I gravitate towards the paint and glue rather than the keyboard. So a few updates: Christmas was good to me and I hope for all of you as well. … Continue reading So Much Time Passes…

Hired Some Employees

When I was a kid I hated painting the pilots that came with Airplane Kits. I should re-state that with some honesty; I didn't hate it, I didn't know how to yet and I hated my finished (usually not finished) figure. Through the years I learned technique, I learned what colors to have on hand … Continue reading Hired Some Employees

The Garage

If I am building items for a diorama and I have all these great ideas for it why not just get on it? Some of my big ideas include covering a 4'x2' shelf with garage, parking lot, paint booth, maybe a drag start with a light tree. This endeavor proved to a bigger project to start … Continue reading The Garage