New Resin bags from Model Bitz finishes a Pink Panther Project

Around a year ago I picked up one of the Tamiya land Rover Pink Panther kits and as some builds go it inspired a bit of a scene. The rover was primed with Vallejo Black surface primer, then their chipping medium was applied in spots I wanted to have chipped and peeled paint. Most of … Continue reading New Resin bags from Model Bitz finishes a Pink Panther Project


Ford Tc Armored Car Russo-Polish War 1920 1:35

There is that saying "One thing leads to another" well, when it comes to scale modeling that could not be truer. It goes without saying for a lot of us modelers, we end up learning a few things about each model we build. I am not just referring to the process of modeling but the … Continue reading Ford Tc Armored Car Russo-Polish War 1920 1:35

The Garage Gets Lights!

I originally wanted to set up a model car garage so display different cars, and add little things to it over time like an on-going project much like a model railroad. I had it on my shelf with a few tools and a lift I made from scratch I had posted before. I had started … Continue reading The Garage Gets Lights!

1:35 Wood Stove

I have an upcoming diorama I am collecting items for and one thing I came up with was a wood stove for a checkpoint shack. The items I used for this are : Tamiya 1:35 Fuel Barrel, old credit or gift card, aluminum tubing and bits of sprue. Pretty straightforward, Cut some tubing, drill a … Continue reading 1:35 Wood Stove

Don’t Fence Me In

Unless I am in a diorama if so then I got a trick for ya. Almost any Fabric store has this lace stuff that is made of something like a PVC or plastic material and with a little help of paint, some of it looks like wire or chain link fence. It is called "TULLE … Continue reading Don’t Fence Me In

So Much Time Passes…

I realize how long it has been since I last posted but when I find the time that is void of back pain or numb hands I gravitate towards the paint and glue rather than the keyboard. So a few updates: Christmas was good to me and I hope for all of you as well. … Continue reading So Much Time Passes…

Hired Some Employees

When I was a kid I hated painting the pilots that came with Airplane Kits. I should re-state that with some honesty; I didn't hate it, I didn't know how to yet and I hated my finished (usually not finished) figure. Through the years I learned technique, I learned what colors to have on hand … Continue reading Hired Some Employees

The Garage

If I am building items for a diorama and I have all these great ideas for it why not just get on it? Some of my big ideas include covering a 4'x2' shelf with garage, parking lot, paint booth, maybe a drag start with a light tree. This endeavor proved to a bigger project to start … Continue reading The Garage

When It All Comes To A Halt

Somebody said that life throws you a curve ball sometimes and mine came across the plate with a numb and tingling hand. Many years of guitar playing, jobs with stress on my hands, bad posture, bed, pillow etc. All showed up at once as back/shoulder pain and a very numb left hand. After a few … Continue reading When It All Comes To A Halt