Good thing I don’t build sailboats

I would be dead in the water as many times as wind has been taken out my sails. sounds like I am whining? Well, I am and I will try and get it out of the way fast.

I have a draft of a blog I wrote up about this diorama I built. It involved 6 models, lots of scratch building and 6 months of on and off building. I had finished writing this blog I speak of and readied my camera, tripod, and lighting.

Before I could snap a pic of the finally finished piece a heavy book dropped off a shelf and in a series of events much like if  Wallace and Grommet met Rube Goldberg while getting drunk with Abbot and Costello and the Keystone Cops.

As the weathering pastels, styrene and styrofoam settled amongst the splinters of basswood I gathered it up and placed it in a box for another day to triage of what it needs to be repaired.

Here are a few shots the days before I finished:

2018-08-09 11.14.10

2018-08-09 11.14.42

2018-08-09 11.14.25

2018-08-09 11.15.06


I was sorta bummed and decide to take a  break and later pulled out some cars to finish up and my garage is calling me back for some attention. Ship Happens.

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