1:35 Wood Stove

I have an upcoming diorama I am collecting items for and one thing I came up with was a wood stove for a checkpoint shack.

The items I used for this are :

Tamiya 1:35 Fuel Barrel, old credit or gift card, aluminum tubing and bits of sprue.

Pretty straightforward, Cut some tubing, drill a hole for the stove pipe. I cut up scrap plastic sprue for legs and the door hinges an handle. The door is a cut up gift card heated and bent to shape.

I painted this with Model Master Metalizer Exhaust brushed on. I will buff spots later and add some details to look like it was heated up before and finish the top of the stove pipe. It would easy enough to use barrels on their side for single and double barrel stoves. this one is going to a WW2 German checkpoint shack, just need to find a 1:35 coffee pot now.


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