When It All Comes To A Halt

Somebody said that life throws you a curve ball sometimes and mine came across the plate with a numb and tingling hand. Many years of guitar playing, jobs with stress on my hands, bad posture, bed, pillow etc. All showed up at once as back/shoulder pain and a very numb left hand. After a few x-rays, carpal tunnel and spinal arthritis are confirmed. Modeling has recently been very slow and mainly in the planning of colors for future builds. I await my next steps to get out of pain and numbness so I can get back at it.

I allocated a nice bit of room on a shelf to build a garage diorama and in the stages of sketching it out. I have experience with microcontrollers like Arduino and the Raspberry Pi so a few ideas are blooming with some features I want to add to my garage like a remote bay door, remote lights and whatever else that may come about like lighted signs.

A few months back I had started to build a few items for my garage and I plan to build many more scratch built items.

I saved the plastic gift and club cards they are easily cut, glued and painted to make many things. Here I made a parts washer. Aluminum tubing, some plumbing screen, old paint brush and a few decals.

Bamboo kitchen skewers and some basswood yielded a nice little tire rack for the shop.

Gift cards, basswood, and bamboo skewers made a decent workbench. The drawer works with an aluminum handle.

I had a few metal foil tools I glued in place. I plan to make a few more of these.

I found a Free Scale Calculator App on the Google Play Store to make measurements I am sure there are many calculators out there but I will pass on this one:  Model Scale Calc

So until next time get a good chair to model in, treat yourself to a new pillow, don’t buy cheap shoes, stretch often, get up and exercise so we can all do this a long time.

  • Hobby Dude

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